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Porto Velho - Introduction

The intense heat, the rich regional cookery, and the most beautiful sunset; the multiplicity of colors, regional languages, rhythms and concentrated flavors - all these mixed together compose one region called the State of Rondônia.

Flags of Brazil, the State of Rondônia and the City of Porto Velho

Rondônia is full of charm and diversity. Rich in flora and fauna, it attracts attention for its culture, traditions and active trade, which provide increased quality of life and business opportunity. Porto Velho is the capital of this Brazilian state that is situated near the borders of Bolivia and Peru.

Welcome to Porto Velho Tourist, your ultimate guide to the treasures hidden in and around the most adventurous and picturesque city situated in the Heart of the Amazon. In this guide you´ll also discover some of the great places to visit, eat and socialize, such as nightclubs, traditional restaurants, convention centers, museums and many other places. Stick with us while we guide you through this forgotten and yet precious gem that is the City of Porto Velho.

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