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Porto Velho - Where and Wh​at To Buy

If you're interested in buying the newest things in the World of Fashion, definitely Porto Velho (PVH) is not going to be your favorite destination, especially because of its geographic location and the long distance from the fashion capitals of NY, Paris or Sao Paulo.

Despite that, buying in Porto Velho is not a total deception because the city offers some good options.

Since you're here, it would be great if you bought some souvenirs from PVH, such as clothes or paintings with our regional symbols, for example. The best place to find a wide range of souvenirs is in downtown, on the hill street called “Rua José Bonifácio” next to the "Praça (Plaza) Jonatas Pedrosa.” There you'll find three small shops that offer some unique handcrafts made by indians and other regional items.

To make the tour even more interesting, go to "Estrada de Ferro Madeira Mamoré" (Madeira Mamoré Railroad) right at the beginning of the street called “Rua Sete de Setembro,” and just a few blocks away from the railway, and there you can also find some beautiful souvenirs.

During your visit to Porto Velho, if you need some good quality clothes in order to go to some parties or enter into the best night clubs, you can find a lot of good stores that can help you out. The best stores are in the Rua Carlos Gomes (street) and in the Porto Velho Shopping (the Mall). At Carlos Gomes Street, you can take a walk along 4-5 blocks (between the streets Rua Rafael Vaz e Silva and Rua Getúlio Vargas) and you'll find very good options like dresses, skirts, jeans, shoes and more! The most recommended stores are Luna Vicenza, Roupa do Corpo, Paladyo, D'Clair, For You and Calvin Klein.

At the Porto Velho Shopping (our Mall on Avenida Rio Madeira, 3288 ) you can buy very good clothes at Sabrina Paiva, Divas, D'Griff, Morena Flor, Checklist, Luna Viccenza, Paladyo, M.Officer, Juliane Boutique and Dress to.

Most of the stores either at Carlos Gomes or at the Mall offer clothes for both women and men, only a few of them offer just to one or the other.

But if you don't want to spend much money on clothes and just need something to go around the city, you can find what you need on the main street Rua Sete de Setembro between streets Rua Presidente Dutra and Rua Joaquim Nabuco. There are a bunch of different stores, but the most recommended are Lojas Milla and Millani. Also you can find cheap clothes at the Mall Porto Velho Shopping in the Americanas, Renner, Avenida, C&A and Marisa stores.

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