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Porto Velho - Where to Eat and Drink


Rondônia is surrounded by many rivers with great fishing. So, the number one tip is to taste the wonderful dishes of fish available here.

Caravelas do Madeira
The most famous restaurants in Porto Velho for typical foods are Caravela do Madeira, Barracão do Rai and O Paroca.
Caravela do Madeira has been offering the locals and visitors traditional dishes for 29 years. The place is cozy and decorated with regional handcrafts. It is air conditioned and has parking. While enjoying the meals you can listen to the pianist playing soothing music and see the beautiful view of the Madeira River and the Amazon Forest. Be prepared to spend a bit of money because some of the dishes are expensive. We recommend that you try Costela de Tambaqui, Caldeirada de Tambaqui, Dourado Frito, Dourado ao Molho de Manga, Caboquinho or Mameluco. Caravela do Madeira is located on José Camacho Street, Arigolândia. Fone: (69) 3221-6641.

Barracão do Rai is another good option to have a great meal of regional fish. However, the place is located out of the city, and doesn’t have air conditioner or parking. Despite that, you can visit the historical Vila da Candelária, a set of houses built at the age of the construction of the Madeira Mamoré Railway. The restaurant offers just Tambaqui and Dourado (regional fish) served boiled or fried, accompanied with rice, farofa (flour made from yucca), vinagrete (sauce with onion, tomato, cheiro-verde) and pirão (flour with some fish sauce). It is located on Estrada de Santo Antônio. Fone: (69) 3221-9055.

O Paroca has a good location. It's other qualities are that it has parking, air conditioning and offers many typical dishes besides the regional fishes. On Saturdays, you can enjoy the feijoada, a traditional Brazilian food prepared with black beans boiled with several pieces of pig. There are also desserts and juices prepared with regional fruits like goiaba, graviola, cupuaçú, acerola and cajú. It is located on João Goulart Street, n. 2593, São Cristóvão. Fone: (69) 3221-6616.

Although Porto Velho is in the Amazon and the local specialties are traditional foods, there are also great options of other kinds of food.
The most famous Italian restaurants in Porto Velho are San Genaro, and Don Giovanni, that offer pastas with several sauces and many kinds of pizzas. San Genaro is located in downtown at Cairi, a traditional quarter, nearby the Three Water Towers (Três Caixas D'Agua). The place is cozy and comfortable. Don Giovanni has a good location too and has a large terrace where you can stay and enjoy the meal. There is a playground for children and a small store where you can buy international seasonings, candies, spices, cheeses, hams and other products.

If you are one of those who can’t stay away from fast food, Porto Velho doesn’t disappoint. There are some options in the Porto Velho Shopping like Bob’s and McDonald’s. At Pinheiro Machado Avenue, 744, Caiari, there is other option like Subway that it is open 24 hours every day.

Myoshi Restauran
The biggest Japanese restaurant is Myoshi, a very pleasant place, with an elegant decoration that makes you comfortable. It is advisable to go on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when there is a discount on Sushi. Besides the Sushi, there are Harumaki and Yakisoba, which are preference between the customers. Myoshi is located on Amazonas Avenue on the corner of Guanabara Street, where there is considerable parking.

Following the same line, there is a restaurant called Koy, where they serve Sushi and Temakis. It is a simple, but warm place. You can order your Sushi and choose the fillings of it, and they will do it to order. This is a great option for those who want convenience. The location, is another good point, is on Pinheiro Machado avenue, which is a main road.

Few months ago, a new Arabian restaurant opened: Jarude. It is a small, but very comfortable place, which has excellent service. For dinner you can order many types of Arabian food and for lunch they use a self-service system. The most famous dishes are Kebab, lamb and Kibe. Be sure to taste the Arabian deserts, these certainly will make your dinner even better. Jarude is located on Marechal Deodoro street, behind the Laura Vicuña school.

The night life in Porto Velho is fun, since there is a bar on each corner. The most popular is Boteco da Fama, located on Pinheiro Machado avenue, a famous avenue that concentrates the majority of good bars and clubs. Boteco is a large and highly regarded bar where the most beautiful people of the city go. National and international beers are served here, besides the famous “caipirinha”, a white rum mixed with lime and sugar. Behind this bar, there is a wonderful nightclub called Broadway Lounge, then you can start your happy hour at Boteco da Fama and have fun for all night long on Broadway.

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