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Porto Velho - Where to Visit / Places to See

In Rondônia there are many places to visit, to relax and many tourist attractions. Here are a few of them:

In the capital of Rondônia, Porto Velho, there is a farming expo called "Expovel" that attracts people from the whole state. This event occurs in the first week in June. During this week, there are many shows by famous musicians, a great variety of food, an exposition of cattle and an international Rodeo, with international competitors that is broadcast on world-wide television.

At the end of June, the biggest traditional party of the north region, "Arraial Flor do Maracujá", happens on Costa e Silva avenue, where there is an amusement park, and a competition of a traditional dances called "quadrilha," and regional foods.

In July there is the off-season carnival called "Maria Fumaça". This event offers three nights of parties with different attractions and is located on Jorge Teixeira avenue.

If you prefer to relax, just outside of Porto Velho there is a ranch called "Três capelas" which is located on Br 364 km 41, and costs R$ 320,00 for an overnight stay for two people. This price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. To pass the day costs R$ 40,00 per person including breakfast and lunch.

In Cacoal on the last Saturday of September, "Baile do Hawaii" takes place at a ranch called "Sítio do Nério" where the guests should attend wearing Hawaiian clothing. This city is located 476km from Porto Velho.

The "Madeira Mamoré" railway exhibition is located at the beginning of 7 de Setembro avenue.

"Forte Principe da Beira" is located in Costa Marques and is considered one of the biggest edifice built by the military. It is located 750km from Porto Velho.

"Vale Das Cachoeiras" , is a valley with seven water falls, is located not far from Porto Velho, on RT. 24 in the city of Nova União, and just over 30 kilometers from the city of Ouro Preto do Oeste. It's a great day trip for those who enjoy nature!

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